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"Love, Romance, Sex, Relationships, Career...
Find Out What This Year Has In Store For You...

.    ..I know you're probably sceptical about the various claims made for astrology, but just think about this for one moment:

If Astrology were not accurate or useful, would it have survived thousands of years?


...For millenia, man (and his better - woman ;-) have looked to the stars for answers. Many sceptics would say this is merely superstition. After all how could celestial bodies, millions of miles away have such an influence on us?

...An excellent question and if you're looking for a convoluted technical answer, then I'm afraid you'll be disappointed.

...In truth no-one really knows the how or why Feng Shui Astrology works, but we know it does. Let me ask you this question:

"Do you know how to change the TV using a remote control?"

...You do?

...Ok then, when you press the button and Desparate Housewives comes on (now, now, it is good fun), do you know the why and how it worked?

...You don't?

...Well, funnily enough, neither do I. And to be honest, I'm not about to rush out and take an evening course on Electronics to find out either! Nope, Desparate Housewives it is!

What Can Feng Shui Astrology Do For You?

...Feng Shui Astrology is one of the most ancient yet little known systems of Astrology in the world. A lso known as Nine Star Ki, it's use is extremely varied.

...You can think of it as a Swiss Army penknife for your future. It is underpinned by the I Ching and is both versatile and applicable to many problems and issues in your life, such as:

  • Love, Romance & SEX - Is Mr/Mrs Right around the corner for you? There's no point getting all stressed wondering "Will it be today I meet them", the time will come and you can know.
  • Compatibility - Love can find a way no matter what star sign or type of person you are, but it sure helps to hook up with someone you are compatible with in the first place!
  • Career - Are you constantly watching the clock at work, bored out of your senses or so stressed you want to tear out your hair? You can find out what career suits you best.
  • Money - Does money flow through your bank account like water through your fingers? I've been there! Well, Feng Shui Astrology will not tell you the lotto ticket numbers but it will tell you when the energies that surround you are working with you, giving you financial pointers along the way.
  • Health - Fused with Feng Shui Astrology is the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, you can find out what foods and exercise are best for you. Prevent stress and disease in your life by avoiding the bad and embracing the good for you!
  • And much more besides...

...With thousands of readings delivered to people all over the world, I can say I'm delighted by the positive feedback I keep receiving.

...Take a wander round this site and discover for yourself some of the secrets behind Feng Shui Astrology.

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“This is my first astrology reading using 9 Star Ki. I find the description about my personality as well as the other aspects relating to relationships, career, health, finances and personal development to be highly accurate.

Even more amazing is the ‘First Impression’ reading which describes how other people perceive me during the first meeting. It is spot on!”

Henry Fong



"Thanks so much for my free astrology reading - it was accurate. Having sent me previous months that had already passed (and also a couple more to look forward to) was a real proof beyond doubt…

Thanks again. Keep up the great work, you're creating a ripple effect"

Jodie Smith, Australia


"As an individual generally unfamiliar with, and previously lacking conviction of, astrology and Feng Shui – I was very pleasantly surprised that your readings on me were so accurate, and the results have certainly made me a non-sceptic!

It is clear that Tracy possesses a natural ability for in-depth astrology and Feng Shui readings, and I think these can be a useful tool for insight into the past and present, as well as some guidance for the present and future."

Aimee Hackett, Dorset, UK


Listen to what Murray has to say:

Murray Priestley, Australia


“I have had more than enough readings over half a century on earth. After a while I became complacent. Until reading my fengshui astrology reading.

The first page grabbed my attention with highly relevant reference to my health areas. I can never get enough of learning my weaknesses and feng shui astrology addressed these kindly but firmly. Thank you.

After reading and then rereading I have now committed myself to some important things I have been putting off. My not so quiet inner voice would never let me forget if I don't.
Peace and Happiness”

Annie Whitlocke
Anjian Australia


" I was sceptical at first but as I started to read through the profile I couldn't get over how it could be so right about me, ie my personality, health issues and how I relate to other people.

Here is a quick example of what was so true about me in the reading:
It stated that I have a tendency to worry too much about finances, this is very true as many a night I lay awake worrying, if I will have enough money not just the usual items that crop up in our daily lives but also will I have enough put aside for pension when I retire ( which is a long way off but that doesn't stop me fretting about it), what if I take ill how would I cope etc.

I would recommend you to get a reading from Tracy and see for yourself the insight it can give you about yourself and how you relate with others. "

Elaine Hynes, Ireland


" Fantastic – I was greatly impressed by the personality profile. I think that it is very accurate, not only with the outwardly obvious personality traits, but very insightful about what goes on underneath.

Your readings are very comprehensive. Lots of information and guidance for the coming months which cover all aspects of my life. I shall certainly be taking note of your comments and making some changes – particularly with regard to health.

Many thanks – this has been really helpful."

Nikki Potts, Bristol, UK